Supply of equipment for electricity grid automatization

Automation of electricity grid controllability, including 100% observability and remote control allows the operator to see the fault location on the control center monitor in real time; at the same time the software offers alternatives of bypassing the faulty section.

We offer the following equipment of the leading European manufacturers:

I. The indicator of short-circuit current passing in cable lines intended for detection of short circuit with indication of its direction.

II. Fuse saving devices intended for installation in a break of a fuse on air branches. When the short-circuit current is detected, the fuse saving device opens and remains open for a predetermined time (delay time). After that, the fuse protection device closes again and remains closed.

III. Relay protection and automation equipment.

IV. Controllers for remote control of switching equipment intended to collect signals from triggers and switching devices, measurement devices, protection operation and  transmit control commands.

V. SCADA systems for infrastructure companies with the ability to monitor the grid status in real time.