Optimization of electricity grid structure

Optimization of electricity grid structure using modern switching equipment is designed to meet current and forecasting Customer's needs for full automation and digitalization of the system. It increases efficiency, observability and reliability of the grid, reduces technical losses, improves controllability of electricity grids under growing consumption volumes.

"Center for Energy Technologies" LLC provides a complex solution assuming determination of the optimal installation locations, the type and the composition of switching devices in 6 - 35 kV overhead power transmission grids and supplies required equipment. It allows increasing the reliability of power supply to consumers and significantly reducing the cost of installing and operating power grid equipment.

An example of a cost-effective solution implemented by CET LLC is the joint installation of Reclosers with automatic sectionalizers. The application of this solution allows the power grid company to reduce the cost of installing equipment by 1.5-2 times while reaching the target level of observability and controllability of the system.

Our offer:

I. Determination of types, quantity and places of electricity grid equipment installation using software product "OPTICOM-Electro" developped by CET LLC.

II. Manufacturing and supply of switching equipment for electricity grid.